At New Jerusalem Community Church, we believe that God is no respector of person and all are welcomed to worship with us. Our desire is to evangelize the community in which we are part of and to do kingdom building for the Lord.

We thank God for our church family and community. With the anointed leadership of Bishop T.L. Simpson and Pastor Rae Simpson, who are dedicated and viable community leaders, the NJCC family is and continues to be a blessing to the community.

We welcome you and your family to worship, fellowship, and study God’s Word with our church family. NJCC’s senior leaders, staff, and members are committed to providing spiritual guidance, support and comfort to all who are seeking and living out the Christian call.

We are located at the place God has ordained and determined for us. We invite you to visit us at
479 W. Wilcox Drive, Sierra Vista, Az 85635

Our Vision

Imagine a Church…

… that really is the hope of the community. A place where lives become better because positive life-change is encouraged and expected. A place where God’s solutions to problems are beyond our wildest dreams.

… where friendliness is more than a smile and a handshake. A place where you’re met.

… where you are because love reaches beyond all borders.

… where following Christ is what gives us life. A place where sharing His Good News is a way of life.

… where prayer is our priority and service is our passion. A place where every person fully engages in what God is doing here.

… where children can grow to love God and love people. A place where families and singles, young and old are loving, learning, laughing, and living in community together.

… where people can’t wait to come and that continuously grows because everyone is bringing their friends. Not because numbers matter, but because people matter to God.

•Imagine New Jerusalem Community Church …

where “People care what WE know, because they know WE care.” 

“Where God Reigns”
Psalm 107:36-38

Worship Opportunities


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